Explore the buzz surrounding Stem and Stem with our latest press and media coverage. From accolades for our commitment to sustainability to features on the delightful fusion of restaurant and florist, delve into the stories that highlight our journey. Discover what critics and enthusiasts are saying about our locally sourced British produce and the harmonious blend of culinary and floral artistry. Stay in the loop with the latest features that capture the essence of our small business making a big impact. Join us on this exciting adventure as we share the stories that shape the narrative of Stem and Stem.

The Gorgeous Restaurant Near St Paul’s That’s Also A Wine Bar AND A Florist

Tucked away down an alley near St Paul’s, STEM + STEM is a stunning spot that ticks all the boxes for a romantic date night or catch up with friends.

Featured: Secret London

14 Fantastically Fun Things To Do In London

Have a blooming wonderful meal at a restaurant-florist. Stem & Stem: a unique dining experience that blends food, wine, and floristry.

Featured: Secret London

flower power: 16 Of London’s Prettiest Floral Restaurants & Cafes

Stem & Stem: A restaurant that doubles up as a florist you say? Possibly the most perfect combination for a springtime meal out. Go for a slow-cooked duck croquette, come away with a bouquet of peonies.

Featured: The Handbook

Michelin-trained chef pops his cork for City of London restaurant launch

A top Michelin-trained chef has launched a new concept restaurant, wine bar and florist in the City of London, where ‘gastronomy now meets botanical beauty’.

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Michelin-trained chef opens new Bow Lane restaurant

Michelin-trained chef Edward Boarland along with business partner Dee Reid have launched a new concept restaurant, wine bar and florist at 12 Bow Lane in London, called Stem and Stem

Featured: Catering Today

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